School of Urban Studies and Planning
Portland State University
Portland, OR

1830 NE Klickitat St.
Portland, OR 97212


B.A., 1966 Swarthmore College (history)

M.A., 1967 University of Chicago (history)

Ph.D., 1971 University of Chicago (history, geography)


1983 Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University

2001 Acting Director, School of Urban Studies and Planning

1995 Faculty Adviser [Executive Assistant] to University President

1984-90 Chair, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

1987 Banneker Professor of Washington Area Studies and Visiting Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, The George Washington University

1985 Aspinall Professor of History, Political Science, and Public Affairs, Mesa College

1979-83 Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University

1978-79 Associate Director, Graduate Program in Public History, Portland State University

1972-78 Assistant to Associate Professor of History and Urban Studies, Old Dominion University

1971-72 Visiting Assistant Professor of History, University of Denver


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Note: some links to articles may only be accessible to users with access to subscription databases such as JSTOR.

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Note: Book reviews, conference presentations, and entries for historical encyclopedias not included.


“Colorado and the American Renaissance, 1876 1917,” educational catalog to accompany exhibit at the Denver Art Museum

Op-ed articles for newspapers including the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Denver Post, Dayton Daily News, Eugene Register-Guard, Portland Oregonian, Arizona Republic, and Boston Globe.

Columnist for Portland Business Journal, 1984-90

Articles of topics of urban affairs, history, and planning for Historic Preservation, Landscape Architecture, Atlanta: The Magazine of the Urban South, Southern Exposure, Oregon Business, Ms., Health, Cascadia Forum, Preservation News, Portland Monthly, Portland Spaces, and other general circulation and professional magazines


Editorial board memberships:

Colorado Historical Society, 1983 97
Journal of the American Planning Association, 1988 90
Pacific Historical Review, 1990 93
Oregon State University Press, 1994-97
Journal of Urban History, 1997-2000
Oregon Encyclopedia of History and Culture, 2006-

National Register nominations:

Ladd’s Addition Historic District (Portland)
East Portland/Grand Avenue Historic District (Portland)
New Houston Hotel (Portland)
Historic Context Statement, Northwest Portland

Consultant to Environmental Protection Agency on enforcement litigation, 1972

Consultant to Metropolitan State College, Denver, community analysis and documentation, 1972
Originator and coordinator of annual conference on “The Urban South,” Old Dominion University/Norfolk State College, 1975-77

Script developer/lecturer for 20-program television series on the history of the American West, for NBC affiliate in Norfolk-Portsmouth, Virginia

Chair of Steering Committee, Columbia River Highway Historic Resource Survey, 1981 83

Consultant to Portland Office of Neighborhood Associations on neighborhood arbitration, 1982

Consultant to Cowlitz County Historical Society (WA) for exhibit on the history of Longview, 1988

History of Metropolitan Service District, prepared for Metro Charter Commission, 1991

Board member, Urban History Association, 1988-91

Consultant to Oregon Historical Society for planning and development of permanent exhibit on the history of Portland, 1992-95

History of Portland area settlement patterns, prepared for Metro Future Vision Committee, 1993

Board member, International Planning History Association, 1993-95

Co-editor, Book Reviews, Journal of the American Planning Association, 1993-98

President, Urban History Association, 1995

Board member, Society for American City and Regional Planning History, 1996-

Co-editor, Pacific Historical Review, 1996-

Co-editor, Journal of the American Planning Association, 1998-2004

Consultant and core team for U.S. Department of Education Teaching American History grant to Portland and Beaverton public schools: 2002-2011

Consultant to Oregon Historical Society on Oregon History Project website and Lewis and Clark Exposition exhibit, 2004-2005

Consultant to Architectural Heritage Gallery (Portland) on “Portland in the 1890s” exhibit, 2007

Consultant for Working Waterfront Coalition (Portland), 2007

Note: Referee reports for scholarly journals and publishers not included.


Chair, Community Affairs Budget Advisory Committee, City of Portland, 1978-79

Chair, Review Committee for Portland Office of Neighborhood Associations, 1979-80

Board member and treasurer, Historic Preservation League of Oregon, 1980 84

City Club of Portland:

Research Committee on Downtown Development, 1981-83
Research Committee on Multnomah County Library. 1983
Chair, Committee on Long Range Library Services, 1985-86
Research Board member, 1990-92

Technical Advisory Committee, Portland Waterfront Park Plan, 1982

Advisory Committee, Portland Historic Buildings Inventory, 1983

Board member, Center for Urban Education, 1987-89

Board member, Oregon Downtown Development Association, 1992-94

Review Committee, Albina Neighborhood Historic Inventory, 1993

Long Range Planning Committee, Multnomah County Library, 1993-94

Board member, Livable Oregon, Inc., 1994-99 (Chair 1997-98)

Board member, Old Town History Project, 2003-2004

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